Monday, October 10, 2011

Our bagels are made by Seattle Bagel Bakery

This is how they make the bagels that we sell in the galley.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Who we are

·         Our business is locally owned and operated by a family that lives in Kitsap County.
·         We support over 70 families in 4 Washington Counties.
·         We sell local products when possible. Some examples are Alki Bakery (Kent), Ivars Chowder (Mukilteo), Tully’s Coffee (Roasted in Sumner, WA), Kettle Boiled Bagels (Seattle), Tree Top Apple Juice (Washington Coop), Kings Command Old Fashion Burgers (Seattle, WA).
·         We provide living wages ($11-$15.81), Medical (95%) and Dental (95%) Insurance for our employees and their families, paid vacation, 8 paid holidays, and a very generous 401K(6%+6%) retirement plan.
·         We provide continued education to our management team.
·         We attend industry conferences to ensure that we are aware of the current industry trends and new technologies that affect our industry, such as oven design, compostable products, communication tools, food distribution, and refrigeration technologies.
·         We maintain communication with our local government and understand the challenges that they are is facing.
·         We demonstrate corporate responsibility by composting our coffee grounds, sell fair trade products, use compostable and recyclable products as much as possible.
·         We support several nonprofit organizations in the area including the June Leonard Foundation, The Friday Harbor Whale Museum, and Kitsap County YMCA’s.
·         Prior to stocking a new product we insure the company providing the product meets all necessary food safety standards and tour their production facilities when possible.